Who are we?

At OnlineFoodMenus, we design, set-up & kickstart the online ordering for your fast food or restaurant business. With our monthly paid package, we offer free Web Design, Maintenance & Support with NO CONTRACT.

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Why Join Us?

Third-Party online ordering platform are eating up your profit.

There are some big online ordering platforms that are taking large commissions between 10-30 percent for each order. They are using your menu to make money for them and your customers are being given away to them because the website and apps do not truly belong to you. We believe that OnlineFoodMenus (OFM) is the solution to this.

Fight back by using your own online ordering platform.

So how can we change this? Well its quite simple, you can use your own online ordering platform. With our system it will be user friendly, mobile-friendly and your customers will keep coming back to use it. This is the best way to grow your business and keep your customers coming back.

Create your own Brand. Control your own Data. Keep your Customers.

With OnlineFoodMenus (OFM), you control your own brand. We create the brand for you and this will all belong to you, not a third-party partner’s brand. The platform can be created to reflect on your own business and when the customer is ordering from you, it is from your own website rather than a third-party. You control your customer’s database, which means you don’t have to pay to buy it from your third-party (and most will not sell it). Ultimately, by utilising your own website & branding, they can order directly from you, so they will remember you and keep coming back!

Commission-Free Packages

You will only have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the Online Ordering Package. Are you worried about trying online ordering? There are no contracts involved as we firmly believe that our Online Ordering System can definitely bring you more clients. We also offer other Graphics & Web Design services which you can check out below.

What our clients say...

“Thank you so much for the amazing website! It is so intuitive for my customers to use & has saved me so much time from taking orders!”
– Dragons Pearl, Witney


“The website created by OFM is extremely professional. People look at our website & always think we paid lots for it ~ in fact it was very well thought out and done at a very affordable price”
– Jade Garden, Waterlooville


“Really pleased with our new branding! Website was created with a new logo and our online ordering is up and running with Facebook Integration! Thank you so much ~”
– The Granville, Melksham


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Our Partners

OnlineFoodMenus is powered by some of the most prestigious & fastest hosting available on the market. We also take great pride in our partnership with GlobalFood to creating the most simple & convenient Online Ordering system for your Restaurant or TakeAway!

OFM Restaurants

Join the growing network of Restaurants that have seen huge success & returning customers as we create top quality branding & websites for them.

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